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EuroCape New Energy France Gets On Board with Greenbyte Energy Cloud for Data Management

24 Jan 2019

In France, EuroCape New Energy has developed and built a portfolio of more than 100 MW over the last 10 years. Today EuroCape operates 77MW of wind energy, 3 MW of solar energy and has a targeted pipeline of 200 MW in development. Their operational French portfolio includes over 30 turbines from 4 different manufacturers and their operations are contributing to saving over 61000 tons of CO2.

EuroCape’s growing portfolio in France, both in development and operation, demanded a modern, flexible and powerful system to monitor and analyze the data streams. EuroCape New Energy France selected Breeze, the specialized component of Greenbyte Energy Cloud for operational wind farms. Greenbyte’s service will be used for real-time production monitoring, streamlined reporting and in-depth data analysis over any time period to optimize plant energy output, performance and availability.

“EuroCape New Energy is a structured and ambitious partner with a noble long-term vision. Greenbyte Energy Cloud is constantly developed with such users in mind. We are thrilled to have EuroCape on board and we believe they’re an ideal partner.”, Magnus Henriksson, CGO at Greenbyte, notes.

“With our portfolio growing exponentially, our team needed a flexible, modern system that enables us to make sense of our data, take the right actions and fully focus on our operations. Greenbyte Energy Cloud is a fine match to our needs”, Olivier Marchand, Head of Construction and Operations at EuroCape New Energy France, says.

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