Large-scale battery inverter-charger

14 Nov 2018

Victron Energy’s MultiPlus-II comes with a stylish steel enclosure, a large internal electronics redesign, and a low production cost, which makes the product much more competitive, especially in large-scale energy projects. Victron MultiPlus-II is a 48V inverter-charger that connects with a wide range of energy storage systems, from lead-acid and lithium-based batteries to zinc-bromine flow batteries. The unit is easy to install with AC connections accessible via a single plate on its base. The 18kg MultiPlus-II draws just 11W of standby power. The MultiPlus-II is a transformer-based system, which can immediately deliver backup power if the grid drops out, including start-up supply for high-demand devices such as air conditioners and freezers. The MultiPlus-II has optional Internet-enabled remote monitoring, both through a secure Victron portal or authenticated third-party applications. This remote monitoring enables the 24/7 performance logging of connected batteries.

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