Sunbolt to Provide Hurricane - Impacted Puerto Rico University with Six Solar Charging Workstations

23 Oct 2018

Thanks to a contract awarded to Sunbolt, students at Puerto Rico University, impacted by Hurricane Maria’s devastation of the island’s power grid, will now have the off – grid ability to charge their electronic devices, from phones to computers, from six solar charging workstations on the University’s campus. Instead of depending on the island’s uncertain availability of electricity, outdoor solar charging stations enable students to sit comfortably outside and chat with friends while rapidly recharging any of their devices. 

A Solar, “Social Recharge” on the campus

Puerto Rican students without power at home are a perfect audience for solar charging stations given their social life, heavy reliance on cellphones and movement around the campus between classes.  It is common for students to meet-up at a station, enjoy a beverage and conversation while charging their devices.

Each Campus XL solar charging workstation includes a high capacity solar array of more than 1 Kilowatt, brilliant nighttime LED lighting (for charging at night), a robust design with multiple bench options, the capacity for 75-150 (iPhone 6 or 7 equivalent) mobile charges/day and (4) 120V and (8) USB electrical outlets for charging – all built into a durable, long lasting, 130 mph wind – rated outdoor structure.

Built tough for heavy use, all weather conditions and a minimum lifetime of 30 + years

Sunbolt’s architectural designs are built as fully engineered commercial grade structures, hardened for public use and low maintenance with a minimum service life of 30 years.

Each will be available to Puerto Rico University students with electronic devices who need a recharge, with new technology that provides a broader range of designs, features, options and price points.

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