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Smart City - St. Gallen (Switzerland) Turns Dynamic LED Street Lights On

19 Jun 2018

The City of St. Gallen, Switzerland, has kicked-off a Smart Lighting project which is expected to save up to 65% of power thanks to the implementation of energy-efficient LED luminaires and an advanced remote control system. Technology partners Paradox Engineering SA and Osram Lighting AG worked with St. Gallen Stadtwerke to design and develop the new infrastructure, now being piloted along Oberstrasse. 

Nearly 60 SL20 LED luminaires by Osram were installed on the road and connected to Paradox Engineering's PE Smart Urban Network platform for remote monitoring and control. This solution allows St. Gallen Stadtwerke to manage the entire streetlight area from a web-based console, switching on/off single or grouped lamps, varying light intensity whenever needed and tracking lamps performance. Customized lighting patterns can also be defined to schedule streetlights operations according to daytime and weekdays. 

Moreover, the lighting system also features an optical sensor that detects traffic intensity and triggers luminaires to automatically dim light up and down upon vehicle transit. Thank to this feature, light intensity is automatically adapted to traffic volumes, limiting waste of power and emissions when only a few cars and trucks pass by, as typically happens at night. The combination of Osram's LED luminaires and Paradox Engineering's network platform increases energy saving up to 65%, if compared with traditional streetlight architectures. 

"Using energy and available resources responsibly is very important for an innovative City like St. Gallen. Street lighting has a direct impact on attractiveness of a city, so we were looking for the best possible balance between the need to save energy, emissions and money on one hand, and that to safeguard quality of life and public safety", said Urs Etter, Head of Public Lighting at St. Gallen Stadtwerke. "We have been investing in LED systems for some years, and we are proud to turn on this dynamic Smart Lighting solution which will further improve our sustainability performance. As we invest for the future of our City, this technology is open to any extension and development we might need - and that's a great benefit for us". 

PE Smart Urban Network is a natively interoperable platform enabling both Wireless IoT and Wireless Highspeed IoT applications over the same network. It will support the extension of Smart Lighting to Smart City to the entire City of St. Gallen, but also the future integration of other urban services. Easy integration of third party systems is even granted, offering the City the maximum flexibility to evolve at its own pace and without any legacy constraint. 


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