POWERSTATION 247 Opens New Solar Storage Headquarters in San Jose, CA

21 Mar 2018

POWERSTATION 247, Inc., the only U.S. manufactured all-in-one residential, behind-the-meter (BTM) energy storage company, announced it has moved its corporate headquarters from Pompano Beach, Florida to San Jose, California where it is manufacturing and distributing its fully integrated energy storage solutions. POWERSTATION 247’s new headquarters is strategically located in California, one of its largest energy storage markets, and Silicon Valley innovation. 

POWERSTATION 247 Chief Executive Officer Nathan Hightower stated, "POWERSTATION 247™, our all-in-one, residential energy storage system, is the most powerful behind-the-market energy storage system currently available. California is the fastest growing solar and energy storage market in the U.S. and is the leader in technology market disruptors, making San Jose an ideal headquarters for POWERSTATION 247. As we expand our market presence, we continue our focus on serving residential markets in the U.S. and select global regions that require energy grid autonomy and self-reliance.” 

POWERSTATION 247™ offers customers a variety of unique storage benefits. While other systems require the integration of different parts from third-party component vendors and manufacturers, the POWERSTATION 247™ is a plug-and-play appliance with an easy, 2-3 hour install time. Its patent-pending BTM storage design integrates proprietary Power Module, BMS and Energy Management System for truly turnkey residential solar plus energy storage solutions. 

For homeowners, POWERSTATION 247™ can be an islanded residential energy appliance enabling solar, backup generator, and self-energy management, on and off the grid. Resilient, scalable, and simple to use, the product will automatically switch from grid to islanding to grid connectivity when there is a power outage. When islanded it meets the high ramp-up requirements for major power appliances, like air conditioning, quickly and reliably. 

POWERSTATION 247 | http://www.powerstation247.com