High Tech Salon & Spa Studios Becomes the First Salon in Virginia to Go Solar

15 Nov 2017

High Tech Salon & Spa Studios, located at 1971 Evelyn Byrd Avenue in Harrisonburg, has gone solar. The new salon is the first in Virginia to go solar and one of only a handful of businesses in the Shenandoah Valley to integrate renewable energy into its business plan.

Solar is a practical option for salons, which have large energy requirements to power air conditioning units, lighting systems and blow dryers. Solar power gives salons an opportunity to dramatically reduce utility bills while also helping the environment and reflecting the values of the local community.

Going solar wasn’t a difficult decision for High Tech Salon owner Terry Back. Back opened the business 30 years ago with the goal of bringing the upscale studio concept to Harrisonburg and giving stylists the opportunity to own and operate individual businesses. For the past three decades, he has also been on a mission to reduce, reuse and recycle. High Tech Salon’s Harrisonburg studio uses LED lighting and high-efficiency heat pumps to minimize energy usage. Solar panels are a natural extension of that philosophy. 

“Our clientele expects to work with responsible, green businesses, and we’re committed to being stewards of the environment,” says Back. There’s already a lot of excitement from the community, including local residents and students, faculty and administrators from James Madison University.”

High Tech Salon’s 45kW solar panel array was installed by Altenergy, Inc., a national solar company with a large branch in Staunton, Virginia. Altenergy also provided the salon with an internet monitoring capability, which will enable the salon to track all the power being generated. Altenergy’s team of electrical and structural engineers, building energy management professionals and energy auditors regularly designs and builds cost-effective solar energy systems for businesses like High Tech Salon, as well as for architects, general contractors, city and county municipal governments and developers.

Says Altenergy President Paul Risberg, “High Tech Salon is a progressive, forward-thinking business that’s leading the way in the professional salon industry. Working together, we’ve made sure they can take advantage of renewable energy tax credits and incentives. Solar represents everything High Tech Salon stands for. They’re lowering their energy costs while also working toward a cleaner energy future.”

Since 1987, High Tech Salon & Spa Studios has earned a reputation for high-tech, top-of-the-line salon and spa services, personalized consultations and customer service. High Tech Salon’s 47 salon studio owners serve Harrisonburg, Staunton, Waynesboro, Charlottesville, Lexington, Augusta County and the surrounding areas throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

“Our highly trained team of professionals offer the best possible experience to each and every guest,” says Back. “Our clientele are excited that we’ve gone solar. Next, we’re going to work with Altenergy to put solar panels on the new building that will house our salon in Verona, Virginia. We’re proud to be the first salon in Virginia with solar panels, and we’re proud to be working toward a more sustainable future.”

About High Tech Salon & Spa Studios: For the past five years, High Tech Salon & Spa Studios has been ranked in the top 200 out of 80,000 salons and spas across the United States and Number 1 with John Amico Company. Founded in 1987, the salon and spa has been hailed as one of Shenandoah Valley’s best in the business in multiple publications, including Virginia Living. www.hightechsalon.com 

Altenergy | http://www.altenergyincorporated.com