Lightweight failsafe brakes for wind turbines

19 Sep 2017

Dellner Brakes’ new SKP 180 weighs in at just 315kg and delivers braking force from 141kN up to 226kN through two brake housings, each containing a powerful spring applied piston. The SKP 4 x 180, weighing 630kg, combines two brake assemblies containing a total of four pistons to deliver braking force of up to 453kN. Dellner has also developed an offshore version of the brake, with corrosion protection and hard wearing paint and pistons that are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions. The new SKP’s modular design means that Dellner can provide larger systems, combining several brake assemblies or customized housings with several pistons, to deliver even more braking power, tailored specifically for customers’ needs. The brakes come with a range of optional extras including mounting brackets; double sealing kits; brake pads made from several different friction materials; indicators that show brake pad wear, whether the brake is ON or OFF or needing adjustment; micro and/or proximity switches, and electrical control boxes. The brakes feature cylindrical guide pins that transmit the tangential braking force from the brake lining to the brake housing and mounting stand. As a result, the brake pistons are not subject to any radial forces, which makes the brakes and the cylinder seals last much longer. As the brake lining wears, an extension of the brake piston through the adjustment nut indicates that adjustment is needed.


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