Aerial zoom camera

14 Jan 2017

The DJI Zenmuse Z30 aerial zoom camera works right out of the box, offering up to a 30x optical zoom and an additional digital zoom up to 6x. It can stabilize to within 0.01 degree. Users can zoom with just a tap of the finger. With the TapZoom function, the gimbal will reorient towards the object when tapping it on the screen. With each tap, the Z30 camera will automatically adjust its focal length to give an enlarged view. For cell tower inspections, airframes equipped with the Z30 camera can operate well beyond the range of cell tower’s electromagnetic fields and live stream footage to engineers anywhere in the world. The Z30 can also remain at a safe distance while inspecting a wind turbine, yet still show the condition of vital parts in detail. With “Point of Interest” tracking feature, the aircraft circles the turbine at a constant distance, keeping the object in the center of the camera frame. First responders can use the 30x zoom to quickly get an overview of a scene and collect accurate and specific information to better plan their rescue operations.



Volume: 2017 January/February