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Senvion Canada Celebrates its 1000 Megawatt Milestone in Quebec, Over 500 Turbines Installed in the Province

08 Dec 2015
With the commissioning of the Mont Rothery wind farm, Senvion Canada Inc. is celebrating an installed capacity of over 1000 megawatts (MW) of wind power in Quebec within just five years. This achievement marks another milestone for Senvion, cementing its position as one of the top two turbine suppliers in the province, further reinforcing Quebec’s position as a leader in wind energy across the country. As of Dec 7, Senvion has installed over 500 turbines in the province, representing nearly a third in Quebec’s total installed capacity, and roughly 10% of the total turbine installations across Canada.
Helmut Herold, CEO of Senvion in North America, says: “This is an incredible milestone for Senvion and for the wind industry at large. Quebec is paving the way in integrating and developing wind and renewables across the province, and Senvion is playing an integral role in the development of a cleaner and more diversified energy future. 1000 MW of wind power spell out a more innovative future: 1000 MW can lead to further improvements in how the province uses electricity; we may soon see the electrification of public transportation, or other ground-breaking ideas from Quebec’s leading researchers.” Herold continues: This achievement is a celebration not just  for Senvion but for our clients, partners and, of course, the communities and households who benefit from clean, renewable energy and economic profit through the local sustainable supply chain created for these projects.”
Robert Hornung, President of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) says: “It is important to recognize and celebrate the successes of wind power as milestones are achieved. Canada recently surpassed the 10,000 MW threshold, placing the country seventh in installed capacity globally. With 1000 MW in its sights, Senvion’s strong position among the leaders in the industry comes into the spotlight. If we focus on the jobs created by this success, every 1000 MW of installed capacity represents over $2 billion in investments, creates over 11,200 (direct and in-direct) person-years of employment, and provides enough clean power for over 300,000 Canadian homes.”
Since the start of its operations in Quebec, Senvion has worked diligently with countless local partners such as LM WindPower for blades, Marmen for towers, and Woodward SEG for converters, to ensure that components for its turbines are sourced locally. The company’s focus on creating manufacturing jobs in Quebec encourages further development of the province’s regional expertise and innovation in the wind industry.  Senvion continuously strives to further develop its technology to fit and surpass the highest of standards.
To view our video celebrating our 1000 MW in Quebec click on the link:
Senvion Canada Inc.