Grounding brush holders

22 Sep 2015
Morgan Advanced Materials’ Electrical Carbon business announces the availability of its grounding brush holders, designed for stability and reliable dissipation of current to prolong bearing life. The grounding brush holders have a contact drop of less than 1 volt due to their high quality silver-graphite brush. 
DC motors applied on static drive systems and AC motors on adjustable-speed drives can expe-rience voltage spikes that can cause current to flow through the motor shaft bearings. Over time, these currents cause pitting of the bearings and eventually bearing failure. 
Introducing grounding brushes to the motor provides a low resistance path to ground, in parallel with the bearings, and can eliminate this issue, without the difficulty of insulating the bearings. Most of the current can be directed through the grounding brush, greatly extending bearing life.
Shaft grounding brushes by Morgan are constructed from silver-graphite, providing low resis-tance. They are housed in a holder that supports and stabilizes the brush on both sides.
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Volume: September/October 2015