Black oxide bearings

20 Jul 2014
SKF’s new black oxide bearings add a surface layer of protection for wind turbines. The coating can be specified for all types of critical bearings in turbine systems to help promote higher reliability against widely varying temperatures, speeds, and loads. It also helps to resist contaminants, moisture, and chemicals that can otherwise limit bearing lifecycles and increase the cost of turbine operation and maintenance. 
Overall, black oxide bearings increase turbine uptime by: enhancing resistance to corrosion and smearing; improving performance in low-lubrication conditions; limiting risk of fretting, micropitting, and cracking; reducing potential damage from aggressive oil additives; and reducing the effects of friction and wear. The black oxidation surface treatment is applied to a bearing’s rings and/or rollers, and can be introduced into new installations or serve as replacement for upgrades.

Volume: July/August 2014