The TechnoCentre éolien Participates First Market Study on Wind Energy in Cold Climates

02 May 2013

The TechnoCentre éolien is pleased to announce its participation in the very first market study dedicated to wind energy in cold climates. Indeed, a special chapter dealing with this subject was published in the BTM World Market Update 2012 Report released last month by Navigant Research.

The study looks at the challenges posed by northern climates and identifies wind-related opportunities in cold climate markets. The report reveals that of the 11.5 GW of world capacity currently installed in areas where moderate to high icing conditions occur, 66 percent are concentrated in North America, with 22 percent located in Eastern Canada and 14 percent in Québec alone. Given that locations in cold climate settings often feature quality wind resources, the deployment of wind power projects in such areas is expanding rapidly.

According to the study’s forecast for 2013-2017, over half (57%) of the world capacity located in moderate to high icing climates will be installed in Canada – at a time when technological adaptation will also be in full expansion.

“Québec has made strategic choices in positioning itself in this field of specialised expertise – the operation of wind turbines in cold climates. The TechnoCentre éolien is central to research and development in this field and we will continue to contribute actively to related advancement for the next few years,” said Frédéric Côté, TechnoCentre éolien general manager.

“Turbine manufacturers started by adapting their wind turbines so they can operate at very low temperatures, below -20oC. They are now taking on the challenges associated with icing climates. There is still development required before ice protection technologies are fully adapted to this market,” indicated Matthew Wadham-Gagnon, cold climate project leader at the TechnoCentre éolien.

Moreover, according to the BTM wind report, “One of the most prominent test sites with state-of-the-art wind and icing instrumentation and two mainstream size wind turbines is in Gaspé, Canada and is owned by the TechnoCentre éolien.” Domestic and foreign companies are invited to make use of the TechnoCentre éolien’s unique expertise and infrastructure.

Companies seeking to find out more about the study can order the World Market Update 2012 Report at the following address:

TechnoCentre éolien