Free 12-page "Safety Engineer's Guide to Tool and Instrument Tethering"

The free guide’s “Select the Right Tether in Four Easy Steps” chart is designed as a quick reference that will aid safety professionals when selecting appropriate tethers for tools up to 25 pounds. The “Industrial Tool Tether” section includes an X/Y chart that helps safety engineers quickly match tether and lanyard model numbers to tool weight and usage. With over 3,000 tethering configurations available, the guide highlights many of Gear Keeper’s most popular tethers and lanyards.
For safety engineers concerned with the safety and protection of hand-held instruments, the “Instrumentation Tether” section covers a range of tethering options. Even how to tether other workplace objects such as hard hats, security cards, cell phones, micro-tools and even seemingly untetherable tools are covered in the guide.

The free Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool and Instrument Tethering is available here: