Tool & Instrument Tethers

Hammerhead Industries manufacturers of over 3,000 Gear Keeper Tool Tethering options. Designed around the highly engineered Gear Keeper Retractor, a unique modular tethering system, which allows wind power safety engineers to fine-tune tethers and lanyards for their own specific needs. There are many options available to attach tethers to the user, and to attach tools, instruments, and gear to the tether. Hammerhead’s “Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool and Instrument Tethers Guide” includes a four-step tutorial to help users solve tool attachment problems, and select effective tethering solutions that significantly improve productivity and safety. There are separate sections covering the most popular industrial tool tethers, instrument tethers, communication tethers, and tethering accessories.

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As seen in: 2012 WINDPOWER Show-in-Print
Volume: March/April 2012