ZETA: EPA’s Heavy-Duty Emissions Standards Provide Much Needed Regulatory Certainty for a Clean Transportation Future

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the final Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for model years 2027 to 2032 for heavy-duty vehicles.

In response, Albert Gore, the Executive Director of the Zero Emission Transportation Association, released the following statement:  

“These heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards will be critical to ensuring electric vehicle manufacturers, equipment providers, and electricity providers have the necessary regulatory certainty to put the sector on a glide path to a zero emission future. The public and private sector now have a ‘North Star’ to aim their strategic investments, and practical timelines for putting steel in the ground and vehicles on the road. 

“Frontline communities will benefit the most from heavy-duty vehicle electrification. Members of these communities are disproportionately likely to live near highways, airports, and ports, and suffer from poor air quality as a result. EPA’s new standards will promote heavy-duty vehicle electrification and help protect these communities from harmful emissions. 

“We support many of the provisions included in the final rule and think it is a major step toward a fair, clean transportation future that creates jobs, protects public health, and keeps the United States competitive in the global marketplace.”

Zero Emission Transportation Association | https://www.zeta2030.org/