RepAir and Cella Launch Carbon Capture and Storage Partnership in Kenya

RepAir, a leading Direct Air Capture (DAC) firm, and Cella, a carbon storage technology company, have partnered to launch an innovative Carbon Capture and Storage venture. RepAir has been cultivating partnerships with storage firms in Europe, The US and Africa. Most recently, they've established a storage partnership with Cella aimed at creating dedicated value chains for extracting CO2 from the atmosphere and permanently storing it underground through in-situ mineralization. This storage agreement will streamline the sale of high-quality carbon credits to off-takers, enabling corporations to meet evolving ESG standards, manage offsets, and advance towards net zero goals.

RepAir's DAC solution utilizes proprietary electrochemical cell technology, consuming 70% less energy than its competitors. This energy-efficient, easily scalable, and cost-effective approach is projected to capture carbon at approximately $50 per ton at the gigaton scale. Cella's proprietary mineralization storage process transforms CO2 into rock underground, ensuring safe and permanent carbon removal cost-effectively and with minimal environmental impact. 

"RepAir Carbon's cutting-edge DAC solution is characterized by its energy efficiency, scalability, and affordability. Our solution sets a new standard, requiring only 600 kWh per ton of CO2 captured, marking the lowest energy consumption on the market. This agreement is perfectly aligned with the launch of our commercial demonstrator in 2025, empowering RepAir to offer high-quality carbon credits to our customers." Amir Shiner, CEO of RepAir

The Direct Air Capture Unit and CO2 storage facility will be adjacently located to Cella's initial demonstration project in the Kenyan Rift Valley, and the project, co-located with geothermal energy production, is set to operate solely on renewable energy sources. Beyond this inaugural venture, both companies are actively seeking further collaboration opportunities, reaffirming their dedication to both technological innovation and combating climate change.

"By partnering with Cella at our first demonstration site, RepAir can capitalize on two critical resources: the potential for truly permanent, highly verifiable carbon storage via mineralization combined with Kenya's abundant renewable energy sources. Together these resources provide a comprehensive solution for capturing and storing CO2 for off-takers. This collaboration represents an extraordinary opportunity to nurture mutual growth," said Cella CEO, Corey Pattison.

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