New Adapter Grommets AT-KS-AK for Keystone Modules

The AT-KS-AK were specially developed for Keystone modules and equipped with a protective cover to ensure protection up to IP54.

The adapter grommet AT-KS-AK is based on the proven icotek KT cable grommet and enables the easy snapping in of almost all modules based on the Keystone system. The polyamide body integrated into the grommet provides a stable and secure base for the modules used. A protective cover attached to the front protects the interface and can even be sealed for additional security.

The snap-in assembly enables the Keystone modules to be easily snapped into the adapter grommet. If necessary, the modules can be unlocked using a screwdriver. This makes the AT-KS-AK a versatile solution that can be used to route pre-assembled cables and as an interface for connectors.

By using the AT-KS-AK adapter grommet, additional cut-outs in the housing wall are avoided and labour costs are reduced. The IP54 protection class is achieved when the cover is closed (regardless of the keystone module type or manufacturer).

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Advantages of the AT-KS-AK adapter grommet at a glance:

  • Direct integration of connectors into the cable entry
  • No separate holes in the housing wall necessary
  • Compatible with over 70 different keystone modules
  • Certified IP54 protection class when the cover is closed
  • Lockable protective cover
  • Possibility of sealing the interface
  • Space-saving solution
  • Simple snap-in assembly

Samples and certificates can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

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