In a Historic First, the Big Game to Utilize 100% Carbon-Free Energy: The Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium Tap NZero for Real-Time Energy & Emissions Data

For the first time in history, football's biggest game will be powered by 100% renewable, carbon-free energy (CFE), independently verified by real-time data and decarbonization platform NZero.

Decarbonization platform NZero quantified and independently validated the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium's energy and emissions data associated with Sunday’s global event.

Decarbonization platform NZero quantified and independently validated the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium's energy and emissions data associated with Sunday’s global event.

Through a series of partnerships, policies and programs designed to minimize their environmental footprint, the Las Vegas Raiders have been able to convert Allegiant Stadium, the host of this year's Big Game, to 100% CFE. Allegiant Stadium is estimated to use 28 MWh of electricity to power this year's championship game, which NZero determined to be equal to the power it would take for 46,052 households across the country to watch the four-hour contest. However, because the stadium is powered by 100% CFE, the game will have zero electricity-associated emissions.

The Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium work with NZero to report and roadmap their ongoing net zero plans, which include validating the two organizations' energy and emissions data and providing insights and analysis for their decarbonization efforts. Together, they are helping to create a new era of sustainability in sports—one where sustainability and business practices are not mutually exclusive.

"Football's biggest game is one of the most anticipated and exciting events of the year, but we must consider the lasting impacts these celebrated moments have on the environment and communities—and all decarbonization journeys must start with continuous measurement, benchmarking and better data," said Adam Kramer, CEO of NZero. "The sustainability ambitions of the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium leadership teams are commendable. We're helping these organizations monitor their decarbonization plans on game days and off days, by the hour, and across Scopes, all to help them reach their goal of net zero. Hosting an event on our country's largest stage powered by 100% CFE is a culmination of years' worth of efforts, and we are proud to be their partner in this achievement."

CFE doesn't happen on its own, and at the center of this achievement is the 25-year energy supply agreement between the Raiders and NV Energy. Starting in October 2023, the agreement ensures a commitment to power Allegiant Stadium, the Raiders' administrative facilities and the Henderson practice facility with 100% CFE, including energy from new, in-state solar power plants. Through this agreement, the Raiders are actively engaging in initiatives that advance the integration of clean and renewable energy into Nevada's electric grid.

NZero tracks energy and emissions in real-time, allowing insights into emissions reduction efforts before and after the NV Energy agreement. Across all three Scopes1 for 2022, the Raiders organization saw a 15% reduction in carbon emissions for the year. Following the implementation of the NV Energy agreement in 2023, reductions increased to 30% for the full year. Looking ahead at 2024, assuming no change in Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions, the Raiders' emissions are projected to reach a 68% reduction, a remarkable achievement in only two years – attributable to Allegiant Stadium being powered by renewable energy.

"This achievement marks a new era for sustainability in sports, but it would not be possible without a firm handle on our emissions and energy data alongside a decarbonization roadmap. Better, real-time data is helping us create a greener future for football on our home turf, while setting a new standard for other stadiums, venues and events on the world stage," said Sandra Douglass Morgan, president of The Las Vegas Raiders. "Allegiant and our team are making a remarkable step forward, but sustainability is a team sport and has required the commitment and support of our partners, fans and the local community. We appreciate NZero's crucial role as a trusted advisor as we seek to drive change that helps the planet and inspires other organizations."

This year's Big Game will also benefit from the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium's waste diversion program (Scope 3 emissions), recognized by the Green Sports Alliance with their Play to Zero Award. NZero calculated that since 2022, waste diversion has avoided emissions equivalent to taking 75,777 cars off the road during game time on the big day.

In July of 2023, Allegiant Stadium was awarded LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, representing a significant achievement in green building design and environmental sustainability. The Las Vegas-based stadium isn't just the greenest, but it's the highest grossing in the country, showcasing the power of building sustainability into a larger business plan.

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