Hy2gen is Awarded Renewable Electricity Supply for its Hydrogen and Green Ammonia Production Project in Baie-Comeau, Quebec

Hy2gen Canada Inc, the Canadian subsidiary of global green hydrogen producer Hy2gen, have been selected, subject to agreement with Hydro-QuĂ©bec, to get a block of electricity for a green hydrogen and green ammonia production plant in Baie-Comeau. The electricity from the Courant project will be supplied by Hydro-QuĂ©bec, and will be used to power hydrogen and green ammonia production. This is a crucial step for Courant, enabling the basic engineering phase to begin. 

If the final investment decision is positive, Hy2gen plans to start construction of the green ammonia plant in the second half of 2026, with first green ammonia production scheduled for 2029, depending on Hydro-QuĂ©bec's connection schedule. For Hy2gen, this is another decisive step forward. Since 2023, Hy2gen has been producing green hydrogen at its plant in Werlte, Germany. 

Cyril Dufau-Sansot, CEO of Hy2gen, is delighted with this achievement: "We are honored by the Quebec government's decision to award a block of energy to our Courant project in Baie-Comeau. This recognition is a vote of confidence in our vision and commitment to producing green hydrogen in Quebec. This is a giant step forward for Hy2gen Canada and the renewable energy industry, enabling us to make a significant contribution to decarbonizing the economy and achieving Quebec's ambitious sustainable development goals." 

Pietro Di Zanno, Director of Hy2gen Canada Inc. adds: "We are grateful to the Quebec government, Hydro-QuĂ©bec and the people of Baie-Comeau for their help in developing this flagship project. We look forward to working with everyone to advance the project and reap the benefits for Quebec." 

Advancing the global energy transformation 

Through its global subsidiaries, Hy2gen aims to become the largest and most reliable supplier of renewable hydrogen - a powerful gas pedal of green transformation. The progress of the Courant project marks a further step on the road to large-scale, cost-effective production of renewable energy solutions such as hydrogen and green ammonia, and to market leadership with this concept. The award of the power supply contract for Courant demonstrates that Hy2gen has the confidence of decision-making institutions and is establishing itself as a serious player in the global renewable energy market. 

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