EPA Truck Rule Will Impose Permanent Price Inflation on American Families, Businesses

Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading energy and environmental advocate for families and businesses, issued the following statement after the Environmental Protection Agency released its final rule for emissions from heavy duty vehicles including trucks and buses.

“This rule is the latest Biden Administration attempt to impose unworkable climate promises that will deliver next to no environmental improvement while imposing permanent price inflation on Americans,” said Consumer Energy Alliance Vice President Kaitlin Hammons. “The EPA continues to drive regulations that are unaffordable for small businesses, unattainable with current technology, and unachievable without a wholesale transformation of our electric distribution system.” 

“Comparable electric trucks cost two-three times more than the current fleet that carries 73% of the nation’s freight. That means the cost of almost three-quarters of the goods Americans buy will go up – for good. That is before the additional nearly $1 trillion in required infrastructure investment.” 

“Forcing adoption of more expensive vehicles that are not yet demanded by the market nor ready for prime time should be a lesson already learned, given the widespread failure of electric bus fleets and abrupt slowdown in passenger EV sales, despite billions of taxpayer dollars being spent,” Hammons said. “Americans should demand a return on their investment – not accept yet another costly policy that reduces the balance of our economic and social freedoms.” 

Consumer Energy Alliance | https://consumerenergyalliance.org/