Calculate the value of energy flexibility

GridBeyond has released a free online tool for use within the commercial and industrial industry, the Energy Opportunity Calculator. The tool enables industrial and commercial businesses to calculate how much money they could earn and save through demand response and energy optimization services. Energy users quickly and simply enter three pieces of information: location, industry, and electricity consumption, and the calculator outputs the estimated financial benefits they could achieve. The results are split into two sections, revenues and savings. The tool uses the typical percentage of flexibility for the user's industry, the typical services and programs available to that industry, and the values of those programs to generate the results. The revenues are based on demand response and other network opportunities, while the savings are based upon typical energy efficiencies, trading, and price optimization opportunities, as well as the operational efficiencies that can be attained. The user can then download a custom-made, personalized report containing further detail on their results, with additional information on the services they can participate in, the assets typically found in their industry, and an overview of their market. 

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Volume: 2021 January/February