33 False Claims in Solar, Wind, EVs [Debunked]

report from Columbia University tackles these 33 misconceptions with data.

Here are two favorites:

FALSE: “Solar energy is more expensive than fossil fuels and completely dependent on subsidies.”

  • Research from Lazard, a 175-year financial services firm, notes that the unsubsidized levelized costs for solar are $60/MWh, natural gas combined cycle $70/MWh, coal $117/MWh, and natural gas peaking $168/MWh.

FALSE: “Electric vehicles have a net harmful effect on climate change.”

  • The average lifecycle GHGs associated with a gasoline-powered car that gets 30.7 miles per gallon are more than twice as high as those of an EV with a 300-mile range.

Columbia University | https://www.columbia.edu/