Glass-to-glass bonding system

Glass-to-glass protectionThe Nordson Corporation edge seal melter and application system processes and dispenses cost-effective liquid butyl to help protect solar panels from water ingress. The Nordson system—comprised of melters, booster station, and an applicator—delivers a uniform rectangular bead pattern for highly accurate edge definition. Easily integrated into most production processes, the Nordson edge seal system is an automated in-line means to reduce labor and material costs and improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality. Traditional PV module encapsulants are not the best moisture barriers for thin-film panels. The addition of an edge seal of solar-grade butyl provides an excellent UV-stable moisture barrier. The Nordson edge seal system incorporates two VersaDrum bulk melters with auto changeover for uninterrupted butyl supply. The melters feed a PS metering station, which maintains constant pressure as pressure losses are common with high viscosity materials such as butyls. The butyl is then fed to the VDK gear metering applicator for precise point-of-application control.

Nordson Corporation

Volume: Nov/Dec 2010