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Monocrystalline module

21 Nov 2010

Solar moduleSunWize Technologies has been selected by Samsung Electronics Co. LTD to introduce and distribute its solar modules to the North American market. The LPC241SM, the first module offered, is available for immediate delivery. The LPC241SM solar module stands out in today’s marketplace with its 15+% module efficiency, higher than any other product in its class. It sets a new benchmark for price/performance and narrows the performance gap against premium priced modules. The superior  PTC power density of the LPC241SM provides a competitive edge to installers of residential and commercial systems, as well as higher value to end-users in terms of kWh/$. The quality of Samsung modules is evidenced by a peak power tolerance rating of -0%/+1%, guaranteeing full performance.

SunWize Technologies

Volume: Nov/Dec 2010