Flexible and affordable gutter taps

New KPU series gutter taps from Hubbell BURNDY offer the ability to tap parallel or perpendicular to the main run for additional flexibility and savings. The updated KPU connector design makes tapping main runs easy. Openings allow the tap wire to be inserted parallel or perpendicular to the main run, without changing how the connector attaches to the main run. And the ports are isolated from one another, so dissimilar metals can be used without worry. Both copper and aluminum conductors can be connected. The floating design offers flexibility. Without having to mount the connector to a fixed structure, the tap can be handled anywhere along the main run. An insulated cover encloses the energized surfaces. The connector and cover are available together or separately. Mechanical, rather than compression, securing of the main and tap conductors makes this connector range-taking. Three sizes of updated KPU gutter taps are available, covering a wide range of conductor sizes with fewer SKUs. The KPU can be used vertically or horizontally to tap off large conductors for machines, store fronts, or other commercial and industrial applications. 

Hubbell BURNDY | www.hubbell.com/burndy


Volume: 2022 September/October