Increased power rating and operational flexibility

Vestas' V162-6.8 MW is globally applicable and combines an increased power rating and operational flexibility to deliver up to 7% annual energy production (AEP) depending on project-specific conditions. The V162-6.8 MW features flexible power ratings of 6.5MW, 6.8MW, and 7.2MW, and expanded site applicability through an optional larger CoolerTop. The performance improvements are achieved through enhanced EnVentus powertrain and power conversion systems. The V162-6.8 MW benefits from enhanced transportability and siteability, as it is based on Vestas' new modularized nacelle concept, where the nacelle structure is divided into the main nacelle house containing the powertrain and the side compartment with the power system including converter and transformer. Both nacelle compartments are dimensionally designed to correspond to general industry logistics standards for road, rail, and ocean transportation with less need for specialized handling. The EnVentus platform is the next generation of Vestas technology, building on and leveraging proven technology from the 2MW, 4MW and 9MW platforms to meet customization needs efficiently through advanced modularity. 

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Volume: 2022 March/April