Sliding seam clamps

AEROCOMPACT's new CE-certified clamps enable roofers and installers to mount framed solar modules of any length and width without needing to penetrate the roof on almost all types of seam sheet roofs. The TMRD08, TMK1508, and TMK2008 models can be installed on artisanal seam sheet roofs or industrial system seam sheet roofs made of coated steel, aluminum, and other materials. They are also suitable for copper roofs with the optional stainless steel saddle because the attachment prevents the aluminum clamps from reacting with the copper and corroding. The AEROCOMPACT universal click clamp with integrated grounding pins allows solar modules to be mounted directly on the new clamps. The height of the system-wide universal clamp can be adjusted between 30mm and 46mm. Moreover, the clamp can easily be clicked into the connection profile of the standing seam clamp or into a rail system. For the rail option, AEROCOMPACT offers the X40/50 mounting rail from the CompactPITCH modular system. It is attached directly to the standing seam clamp with an XPN cross connector. The planning tool "AEROtool" can be used to quickly design different variants and generate a structural analysis report. The clamps are robust and can withstand wind loads of 220km/hr and snow loads of over 3kN/m2. All measured values were tested by an independent certification institute in a test series on different types of roofs. AEROCOMPACT offers a 25-year warranty.



Volume: 2021 September/October