Medium voltage cold shrink termination kits

New HYSEAL medium voltage cold shrink termination kits from Hubbell BURNDY with an all-in-one design offer simple installation and high performance in the field. Manufactured from durable silicone rubber, these sleeves deliver an enhanced service life. This is because of its water repelling properties, UV stability, and resistance to tracking and erosion. It stands up to brutal environmental conditions. Produced in Aiken, SC, these termination kits are a complement to BURNDY terminal lugs. No special tools are needed. The cold shrink sleeves are pre-stretched over an integrated spiral "rip cord" assembly, offering a simple, one-pull release for streamlined installation. The unique stress control system built into these cold shrink termination kits delivers exceptional discharge and impulse performance. It is based on microvaristor HYZINC technology. The sleeves deliver a highly effective shrink ratio to provide a tight seal over the entire connection. The material expands and contracts in response to temperature and load conditions while maintaining consistent length before and after application. The silicone rubber and integrated sealant eliminates the need for secondary installation of vinyl tape. Several series are available for unique applications. All their Termination Kits conform to IEEE-48-1996, Class 1 and ISO/IEC 17025 Standards.

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Volume: 2021 September/October