Plan roof systems in Google Maps

The Schletter Configurator 3.0 allows users to plan roof systems in Google Maps. Roof surfaces can be marked out and planned directly in Google Maps via an interface. Once the roof inclination has been input, the system calculates the exact size of the roof surface to be configured and, if required, suggests the optimum configuration, depending on alignment. When the zip code or name of the town is entered, the system then takes over the regional standard loads for wind and snow automatically. Several roofs and roof systems can now be processed within one planning element. This makes handling easy, because the location parameters such as terrain category, relevant standard loads, etc. only need to be detected by the system or input once. It is thus possible to configure different roof types with different installation systems and alignments in one plan. Users can choose between fast configuration and professional mode. In fast configuration, the system suggests the configuration that is best, based on size, alignment and structural loading. In professional mode, users can select the individual parameters flexibly for themselves. The Configurator software is free of charge. As a memory-saving client application, it is also maintenance-free and always available in the latest version.  

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Volume: 2020 July/August