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Residential storage hybrid inverter

15 May 2020

Ginlong Technologies' Smart Home Solis Solution incorporates single-phase string technology into an intelligent hybrid platform to support maximum self-consumption, safely and reliably. Customers can maximize their self-consumption with flexible operating modes such as time-of-use, auto self-consumption, and off-grid backup, enabling smart time shifting to leverage TOU schedules and optimize energy use. UPS-ensured backup and smart EMS functions are among the latest safety components that protect homes and let homeowners glide through blackouts safely and reliably. The inverter includes a built-in Sunspec MLRSD signal transmitter and is ready for NEC 2017-2020 standards. The Solis hybrid inverter enclosure is completely sealed with a built-in AC/DC wiring box and an ATS (automatic transfer switch). Hybrid capabilities such as export values and battery configurations can be programmed through the inverter's large color LCD. Additional advantages include streamlined O&M through remote monitoring using their 24-hour intelligent energy management system. Compatible with LG Home RESU and other 120V-500V lithium batteries, the Solis hybrid inverter helps households maximize their PV energy and lock in energy savings.

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Volume: 2020 May/June