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Options for commercial installations  

14 Mar 2019

SolarEdge is introducing the new, more cost-effective P850 2:1 commercial power optimizer for higher power modules. The P850 replaces the P800s power optimizer and can be used interchangeable with the P800s. P850 supports up to 850W and has a new bracket to simplify clearance requirements. It is backwards compatible with the P800s and can be used as a replacement for the P800s in all projects. The P850 connects 2 modules in series and is designed to support 2x 60-cell, 72-cell, bi-facial, or high current modules. The P850 power optimizer joins the P800p power optimizer enabling installers to connect two high power modules to a single power optimizer. The existing P800p power optimizer, is mainly for connection of 2 x 96-cell 5" high current modules in parallel. Together they address the growing use of higher power and higher current modules for PV installations. 

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