Exclusive ground screws

APA has secured an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement for their APA Ground Screws which are available with APA racking or can be fitted with other ground mount and tracker systems. The ground screws are designed to APA's in-house engineering specs and backed by APA's quality guarantee. Customers will work directly with APA for all orders. APA will manage the entire process for in-house application testing, loading engineering, volume ordering, and inventory. The ground screws are available with standard depths of 40", 61", 73", and 85" to accommodate frost depths around the country. APA's standard screw diameter is 2.35" for better drivability, and a low cost point. Additional diameters up to 4.5" are available. APA's ground screws are designed with heavy wall tube, welded connections, hot dipped galvanized coating, and a forged tip, and are backed by APA's guarantee. These features allow massive amounts of torque and down pressure to be applied, penetrating the toughest soils. The APA Ground Screw is a solution for all APA racking systems and can easily be outfitted for other racking systems using either the set screw or flange connection. The ground screws are easy to install with a skid loader or mini excavator with an auger attachment or a pile driving rig with a rotary head.

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