Fluxes for the solar industry

Emil Otto is now offering fluxes that have to satisfy special criteria for the solar industry. The solar fluxes must thus be processable very residue-free in order not to affect the individual solar modules' efficiency in subsequent use. Emil Otto currently offers three fluxes: EO-S-001, EO-S-002, and EO-S-007. All fluxes have been developed for soldering solar modules, and tabber and stringer material as well as for connecting cells. Furthermore, the products involved are NO-CLEAN fluxes that are formulated to be halogen-free. As substantiated in process tests, none of the fluxes leave behind sticky residues. The activators are additionally designed for higher temperatures, which are required during the manufacturing of solar modules, without impairing the activators' effectiveness. This also applies to actual application in particularly sunny and hot regions. The solids content lies between 1.5% and 2.5%, depending upon the flux. Solar fluxes are offered as concentrate in addition to 5 L and 20 L canisters.

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