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High density 5 degree solar racking system

19 Sep 2017

Ecolibrium Solar announced the new EcoFoot5D High Density 5-Degree Racking System. Built on the EcoFoot Modular Platform with more than 200MW installed, the EcoFoot5D combines a small 7" x16.7" roof-friendly modular Base and dense 9.9" inter-row spacing. The result is a tightly packed array, delivering 18.4% more power than 10-degree systems. EcoFoot5D is comprised of five preassembled components and requires only one tool for installation. Bases fall into alignment as modules are placed. Preassembled parts eliminate the need for PV panel preparation. The combined effect is an organized workflow and non-stop installation process from box to roof. System advantages include streamlined logistics due to the low part count and stacking bases to deliver 290kW of bases on one standard pallet. Installation is easy from start to finish, aided by accessible and protected wire management. Wires are covered by the system yet easy to access throughout the life of the system via a removable wind deflector. Ballast blocks are easily placed between rows in the ballast tray, eliminating under-module ballast placement and awkward reaching. Suited for modules ranging from 32-50mm, the clean aesthetics and low profile are designed for residential and commercial flat-roof installations. EcoFoot5D is backed by a 25-year warranty.


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