Design and simulation software for solar thermal systems

The new version T*SOL 2017 enables its users to work with the program even more flexibly and, above all, to calculate and observe the system's profitability more precisely, which is particularly important for commercial applications. For this purpose, Valentin Software has expanded the automatic functions in the parameter optimization by adding the financial values: net present value, return on capital, and heat price. This makes it possible to determine the influence of the various components of a solar system, e.g. the size of a storage tank or the number of collectors, on the profitability and to optimize the plant. The preconfigured systems in T*SOL have been extended by the additional of a system from the family of process heaters. In the new system "P3 - Preheating with buffer storage", up to 6 collector loops and 6 different loads (process, hot water, and building heating) can be connected. Valentin Software has updated the extensive component databases in the new version and made them even easier to use.

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Volume: 2017 July/August