New generation design software

Design of PV systems with an electric vehicle as a consumer now possible with PV*SOL premium. In addition to the possibility of importing floor plans, cadastral maps, and screenshots from web-based satellite maps like Google Earth directly into the 3D visualization, PV*SOL premium 2017 now offers the inclusion of electric vehicles as a direct consumer of grid-connected PV systems. In addition, due to the extended tariff models for electricity use, with PV*SOL premium, plant designers can now take into account any number of different time-variable tariffs (for example, HT/ LT) in the profitability calculation. This applies both to the reference tariffs and to the net metering tariffs. The net metering consumption can now also be defined either by means of an annual value or the individual monthly values. PV*SOL is a valuable tool for correctly dimensioning, as well as determining the profitability of PV systems. A newly introduced dimensioning aid for the size of the battery storage unit carries out the calculation of the battery for the user and thus facilitates the configuration. The storage systems have been extended with the addition of DC-coupled systems. All PV*SOL variants are available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and now Portuguese. The project reports can be created in many other languages.

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Volume: 2017 July/August