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Western Canadian Market: New Target  of Quebec Wind Industry Businesses

09 Nov 2016

The TechnoCentre éolien and the Wind Energy Cluster can say "Mission accomplished!" The ten companies that participated in the trade mission held on the sidelines of the Canadian Wind Energy Association's (CanWEA) Annual Conference and Exhibition benefited from a personalized business marketing and networking service that allowed them to enter into contact with some of the most important wind energy clients in North America. A total of 105 business meetings were organized.

"Thanks to the trade mission, we met with a multitude of players in the wind industry in a very short time span. We also established strategic alliances with Quebec-based partners, in addition to meeting with our clients from Quebec and western Canada. The meetings organized by the TechnoCentre éolien are a tremendous help to maximize our business development and attain our objectives. In fact, we have several service offers to submit in the course of the next few weeks", explains Vincent Clément, biologist at Biofilia.

Evan Mulrooney, Business Development Director for Techéol, claims that the trade mission "facilitates initial contact with new clients and allows us to meet with existing clients in an effective manner. With regard to business development, there's no substitute for face-to-face meetings. With each mission organized by the TechnoCentre éolien, we achieved sales. These sales might only materialize months or even years later, so it's a medium- to long-term effort. In the context of this mission, we can already anticipate inking contracts with four or five potential clients plus five to ten more with existing clients."

Western Canada in the crosshairs of Quebec businesses
In the next few years, Quebec companies will have their eyes turned toward the Western Canadian market. Under its Renewable Electricity Program, the Government of Alberta will add 5,000 MW of renewable power between now and 2030, allowing it to reach its target of 30%. In Saskatchewan, 1,600 MW of new installations are planned by 2030.

"At the Conference, the Government of Alberta announced that an initial call for tenders for 400 MW of renewable electricity will be launched in early 2017. The federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, on the other hand, indicates that 100% of electricity purchased to power federal buildings shall come from green energy sources. It is most interesting to see the energy transition adopted by these two governments. Quebec companies are proactive and determined to capitalize on the business opportunities emerging in western Canada. This trade mission has in fact helped these businesses forge new business ties and position themselves in these growing markets", indicates Frédéric Côté, TechnoCentre éolien General Manager.

It should be noted that in the two most recent trade missions organized as part of the CanWEA Annual Conference and Exhibition, potential economic spinoffs have been evaluated at over $13.5M.

List of participating companies

  • Suspendem Hovercam
  • East Coast Wind Biofilia
  • The Ohmega Group Inc. PESCA Environnement
  • Collineo Horizon Vertical
  • Techéol Maintenance Logic Systems

This commercial mission was being conducted in partnership with Export Québec thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI).

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