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Tile PV mounting system

20 Jul 2014
EcoFasten Solar has launched a new system in their line of Tile Flashing Systems. Featuring the same advantages as the recently launched “F” and “W” Tile Flashing Systems, EcoFasten Solar introduces the “S” tile. With the “S” tile, no cutting, drilling, grinding, or replacement of the tile required. Faster and easier to install than tile hook systems, it attaches to the roof deck with as little as two lag bolts and is third-party tested for pullout and shear. The embossed, cone shape that’s stamped into the flashing is fitted with an EPDM rubber bushing, creating a watertight seal when paired with an EcoFasten Solar compression bracket. A second flashing at the roof deck is optional for jurisdictions that demand it. Patent pending and made in the USA.
EcoFasten Solar

Volume: July/August 2014