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High-efficiency, thin-film technology

20 May 2014

A pioneer in tandem module technology, Stion is the first to demonstrate fully integrated, thin-film devices at high-conversion efficiencies, using scalable commercial processes. Recently, the company produced a 23.2% efficiency thin-film cell based on its Simply Better Tandem Junction Technology. Stion has already scaled this technology at, or above, 20.0% efficiency on a prototype module (20 cm x 20 cm), and expects to soon scale to monolithic modules (65 cm x 165 cm) in the 20% to 22% efficiency range.

Stion’s unique approach to CIGS leverages proprietary materials and device expertise, along with a robust, high-volume manufacturing process, based on readily available, standardized equipment. Combining the simplicity of thin-film manufacturing with ultra-high performance products, Stion will continue to implement the key technical innovations behind the 23.2% cell on its pilot production line in preparation for the commercialization of thin-film modules with >20% efficiency. 



Volume: May/June 2014