Roll Forming Corporation (a voestalpine company)

20 May 2014

Process/Technology: 42 roll forming lines; laser and dual laser welding; high-frequency welding; laser cutting; bending; post-dip galvanizing; TOX and Tog-L-Lok; rotary stitch; pre-, mid-, and post-punching; and variable thickness materials

Materials: CRS; HR; HRPO; pre-paint; pre-galvanized aluminum; Titanium, Inconel, and Hastelloy allows; stainless steel; HSLA; as well as brass, bronze, and copper

Sizing: 0.005" to 0.375" thickness, and 0.70" to 40" wide strip width

Shapes/Structures: Cee’s, Zee’s, Purlins, Struts, Sigma’s, and many other complex shapes


Additional Features:

  • Specializing in complex shapes and hole patterns;
  • Secondary kiting and special packaging available; and
  • Design consultation support services offered to develop new solutions, improve existing ones, and to ensure proper deployment in the field.

As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Metal Fabrication
Volume: May/June 2014