Structural Solar LLC

Product: Design-build Solar Canopies, Specialty Solar Structures & Solar Ground Mount

Roof inclination: 0° to 15° typical

Height clearance: 8' to 15' typical

Depth: Unlimited

Space-to-Column ratio: 3:1 or 4:1 typical

Configuration: Wide range of design to fit engineering, architectural, and target PV economics

Options: Integrated aluminum racking with pre-assembled modules

EV charging: Available

Panel Type: Any and all PV and solar thermal modules

Power generated (per kilowatt-hour): Based on design and modules; customized to accommodate string length

Certifications: Structural Solar LLC provides Signed and Sealed Structural Design and Construction Capability across North America, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean


Key Features:    

·       Turnkey design-build from concept to completion;

·       Multiple foundation designs available to accommodate soil types and conditions;

·       Corrosion-resistant: Full HDG to ASTM A-123, Industrial-Marine Grade Coating, or DOT Specifications; and

·       A 40-year life, with no lightweight roll formed components.

As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Covered Structures & Carport Systems
Volume: May/June 2014