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PV Racking

20 May 2014

Product: PV Racking Solar Carport

Roof inclination:

Height clearance: 9'

Depth: 23'

Space-to-Column ratio: Columns every 11'

Configuration: Three-post (four parking spaces), with larger designs available

Options: Single slope

EV charging: Optional

Panel type: 60-cell, portrait orientation

Power generated (per kilowatt-hour): Based on project size and panel selected

Certifications: Structural Engineer stamp available in several states


Key Features:

·       Easy installation, weld-free design;

·       Utilizes PV Racking slide-in rails;

·       Kits with modules and inverters available; and

·       Installation services available in some locations.

As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Covered Structures & Carport Systems
Volume: May/June 2014