Baja Construction Co., Inc.

Product: Custom-engineered Solar Support Structures/Solar Carports

Roof inclination: 0° to 20°

Height clearance: 7' to 20'

Depth: 10' to unlimited (20' to 40' is typical)

Space-to-Column ratio: 2:1 typical, with 4:1 max

Configuration: More than 3,000; standard. Multiple solutions to accommodate any financial model. Most Popular: Full Cantilever Boxed.

Options: Direct solar panel attachment to purlins; solar thermal panel option; thin-film or crystalline; as well as concrete bollards, field painting, facia, standard and custom, and racking. 

EV charging: Available

Panel type: Neutral, can design/engineering to any module

Power generated (per kilowatt-hour): Based on module selection, orientation, layout, and location. Baja can accommodate proposed PV layout, improving integration and implementation of solar-to-canopy structures.

Certifications: NABCEP Technical Sales/Installation; Certified Fabricators; General Contractor; Licensed Engineers; and Certified Welders. Baja is licensed in more than 27 States, and their engineers are licensed in all 50 States, plus Puerto Rico. 


Key Features: 

·       Fully designed, supplied, and installed by Baja;

·       Pre-fabricated, pre-engineered, all-galvanized, and custom-engineered to site, soils, local codes, and solar panels;

·       Turnkey solutions with industry partnerships facilitate and improve project schedule timelines; and

·       Engineering includes footing design.

As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Covered Structures & Carport Systems
Volume: May/June 2014