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Black half-cell module

21 Jul 2013

Bosch Solar Energy launches a new, premium module onto the market, which offers more output and an improved product design. The Bosch Solar Module c-Si M 60+ S Module has an output of up to 285 watts, assured by a new generation of cells with a black, half-cell design and a burned-in anti-reflection coating on the micro-structured. The toughened front glass also enables greater light absorption. A highly transparent encapsulant foil provides additional light exposure, while newly structured cell connectors reduce electrical and optical losses in the module, further increasing the output.

The new premium module consists of 120 half-monocrystalline, high-performance solar cells, measuring 156 mm x 78 mm. Reliability tests to date far exceed the standard requirements, confirming the durability and long-term stability of the module. Drainage corners have also been incorporated into the design, allowing rainwater to flow away at the corners, and thereby improve the self-cleaning of the module, lessening soiling and moss in the lower section, which can reduce output. The drainage corners also provide additional grounding options.


Bosch Solar Energy

Volume: July/August 2013