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Solar tracking system

21 Jul 2013

DEGER’s new generation of tracking systems combines numerous technical enhancements with a price level that’s more than 20% lower than before. The new systems are faster and easier to assemble, providing a greater yield. The first product in this new generation is the DEGERtracker D100, wherein the development engineers at DEGER increased the angle of elevation (which now ranges from 10° to 90°), while reprogramming the MLD sensor. In addition, the D100 features a more developed version of the EK-6 energy converter. With these improvements, greater yields can be achieved with less sunlight, such as at sun-up and sundown.

DEGER also simplified the electrical installation: sensor technology and connecting cables in the DEGERtracker are pre-assembled, so the cable routing and strain relief are already prepared. Wiring inside the system is superfluous, and possible sources of error during installation have been largely eliminated. This further reduces costs and installation time.


Volume: July/August 2013