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Microinverter & interface

20 Sep 2012

SMA’s new microinverter features streamlined design and is ideal for residential projects and systems with multiple orientations. It works well in hybrid string/micro systems, enhancing design flexibility. The Sunny Multigate is an innovative interface that provides communications and power connection to the main service panel. Sunny Central CP-US inverters are one of the industry’s most cost-effective solution for utility-scale and commercial applications. The CP-US series operates at 1,000 VDC, which significantly lowers balance of system costs. With class-leading 98.5% CEC efficiency, the inverters outperform all others. They are UL listed and feature integrated grid management functions. The Sunny Boy 3000/4000/5000-TL-US series will offer lighter weight and higher efficiencies for residential 3 kW to 5 kW systems. The TL-US series is ideal for shading situations and difficult roofs. Integrated AFCI (UL 1699B) meets NEC 2011 requirements.

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As seen in: Solar Power International 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: September/October 2012