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Grid solutions

20 Jul 2012


Grid solutionsThe GS7048E Radian is the latest expression of OutBack’s commitment to deliver clean, reliable power to homes, businesses, and facilities around the world. A fully integrated solution, compatible in off-grid and grid-interactive applications, the international 230V/50Hz Radian delivers 7,000 watts of pure, sinewave, continuous power, with an unsurpassed surge capacity. A true multi-country design, it features field-adjustable input/output voltage and frequency boundaries of 50/60Hz and 220-240V nominal, joining OutBack’s North American Radian inverter/charger introduced last year. Targeting industrial and commercial customers, the SunSpec-compliant AXS Port Modbus/TCP Interface provides advanced connectivity with OutBack FLEXmax charge controllers, as well as other OutBack devices, enabling remote system status monitoring, command, and control.  With the Interface, users can securely access an OutBack power system remotely via an Ethernet connection, using Modbus Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and communicate directly to a single device or to multiple devices using OutBack communications management components.

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