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Surge arresters

20 Jul 2012

Surge arrestersPhoenix Contact’s new VAL-MS…DC surge arresters can protect the power inverter and the solar grid array sides of a PV system. The Type 2 surge arresters, the latest additions to the VALVETRAB family, are available for 600 V and 1000 V DC applications—now with UL recognition. To protect the inverter, the VAL-MS...DC is installed directly before it. If the distance between the solar array and the inverter measures more than 10 meters, the VAL-MS…DC should also be installed on the solar array side of the wiring. Each plug arrester is hot swappable, and can be replaced if the arrester reaches end-of-life. End-of-life is reached when the integrated thermal disconnect is triggered, setting visual and remote status indication.

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As seen in: Intersolar North America 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: July/August 2012