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Outdoor inverters

21 May 2012

Ingeteam is to showcase its new range of outdoor central inverters. Featuring an innovative ventilation system, these inverters are able to withstand temperatures of up to 50° C (122° F), while operating at their rated power. This outdoor version of the 375 kW to 840 kW Ingecon Sun PowerMaxter family, with its new AC/DC integrated cabinet, makes it possible to maximize performance in low-irradiance conditions, and completes the range of central inverters for multi-megawatt systems. A range noted for its optimum cost/power ratio. This family of inverters is characterized by its high-performance levels, with particular mention of the Ingecon Sun 800 X345 and Ingecon Sun 840 X360 models—both offering a peak efficiency of 98.8%, one of the highest on today's global market. Ingeteam also presents its new inverter family with a high-frequency transformer, the 2.5 kW to 6 kW Ingecon Sun 1Play HF, also suitable for outdoor installation.


As seen in: Intersolar Europe 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: May/June 2012