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Commercial string inverters

21 May 2012

REFUsol, Inc. is a manufacturer of commercial and utility-grade PV solar inverters. Their REFUsol 12K, 16K, 20K, and 24K UL-certified, commercial-scale string inverters are three-phase transformerless—and highly efficient at 98.2%. The light, compact design comes with an integrated combiner box to help lower BOS costs, as well as a quick, mounting bracket for ease of installation. They feature a precise MPP tracker, enabling the inverters to adjust their settings accordingly to achieve the highest efficiency, even with different temperatures and varying sun exposure. REFUsol products also include the REFUlog monitoring portal and REFUconnect wireless networking units. Included in the REFUsol product portfolio is the 1000 Vdc to 1500 Vdc, 333 kW outdoor-rated central inverters.

REFUsol, Inc.

As seen in: 2012 World Renewable Energy Forum Show-in-Print
Volume: May/June 2012